Output 2 Online Course in Rhetoric

This O2 is about rhetoric and communication on the university level. Over this online course, we will cover a number of theories, rhetorical heritage, adaptation, and application in the field of university education. We will start with the foundational concepts of rhetorical theory, defining rhetoric on a theoretical level and we are going through a number of approaches to use rhetorical tools and techniques themself. A substantial part of this online course is theoretically and methodologically based and the rhetorical theory has been presented through its practical applications. The goal is reconceptualization of rhetorical teaching in a university in the 21st century that will poise us (members of the project) to hone our own teaching skills — in other words, to put rhetorical theory and methodology into practice. The texts will include infographics, citations, good rhetorical practices, and examples at a verbal, visual and multimodal level.

The materials include selected samples, models, illustrations and advice. University lecturers can use technology and digital tools and they can engage participants in the courses and subjects. The models of offline education will be presented. Instructions to academic lecturers how they can adapt them will be explained. Advice concerning an improvement teaching to online courses will be described. Patterns to facilitate successful learning that benefit participants of the academic courses and university education will be presented.

Some podcast or video clips will follow a scenario that will adapt to some topic, subject, and specific aim of teaching. Some podcasts or video clips will include a piece of brief information on the topic, theoretical observation, basic terms and notions, methodological explanations, advice, demonstration, examples, analysis, and recommendation.

Institute of Rhetoric and Communications